Welcome to the USS Quebec! This simm takes place in the Lower Decks timeline, currently in the year 2381.

After the USS Cerritos accidentally started a conflict with the Gelrakians in 2380 by presenting them with a wooden Melvok Prime ferltility totem, the matter was quickly quashed by reinstating "buffer time" via the Boimler Effect and making a new presentation to the Gelrakians with the Honor Crystal. To further bring together the Federation and the Gelrakians, Starfleet Command decided that a Gelrakian Captain was needed in the fleet. Captain Qierress was selected and given command of the USS Quebec, a Parliament Class starship.

This position was largely intended to be a figurehead spot for the Gelrakian Captain and the Quebec is likely to be assigned to rather routine missions that nobody wants to do, but always must get done to keep Starfleet operating. Of course, nothing is routine when it comes to Starfleet!

Welcome to the Lower Decks Sim of the USS Quebec. We will be taking applications for all positions. Individuals will be playing one "departmental head" and one ensign.

Join us now!

Our discord is our discord is https://discord.gg/ux9CHaeBvN

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